10 Tips on How to be Responsible and Relaxed at the Same Time

1. Get a Planner. This is the first step to get organized. Being responsible means that you get things done. Having a planner will give you a perspective on what will happen today, tomorrow, or the next few days or weeks. It will help you prepare things to do.
2. Make a To-do list. This will help you feel busy and productive at the same tame. Making a to-do list will help you intellectually evaluate what needs to be done. You may list as many as you can from school works, to running errands, meetings to attend, however, you must know what to prioritize.
3. Don’t wait for tomorrow when you can do it today. Putting things off is a bad habit. I may be an infrequent procrastinator, but I regret every single time I procrastinate because I end up doing a lot of things in a short time.
4. Prepare the night before. This is a habit a got from my parents, because they always instruct us to prepare things before going to bed. I got used to prepare my outfit, bag, and things to bring the night before so that when I wake-up all I have to worry is getting ready.
5. Wake up a little early. Waking up 10 minutes earlier may seem ridiculous for some, but I find it every handy. Sometimes uncertainties do happen while getting ready to leave, and those 10 minutes comes in handy.
6. Know what to prioritize. There are times when we have so much to do that we just try to do everything without analyzing what really needs to be done. Sometimes, you will end up not doing one of the most important things you must do.
7. Organize your surroundings. Having an organized room, desk, folder, or purse makes everything feel relaxed. In this way you don’t have to get down on your knees trying to find something. This tip will also help you save time.
8. Have a break. Does your Philosophy class made you feel nauseous? Step out of the room and take a trip to down the hall to the lavatory. Splash that pretty face with water, take a deep breath and smile. My dear, you don’t have pressure your mind to learn in class. We need to take a break.
9. Meditate. Okay, daydreaming will do. Once in a while we need to just look at the trees outside and take a minute to refresh our eyes from numbers, words and computer radiation, and just not think of responsibilities
10. Reward yourself. Take a trip to the spa. Have a facial, and mani-pedi. Remember, wellness is a necessity.


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