“What’s That?” “It’s a Facial Mist.”

“What’s that?” my classmate asked me after I sprayed my face with facial water.

“It’s facial water.” I replied politely.

“What does it do?” Of course, another follow-up question.

Being a verbally laconic introvert, I handed her my Evian facial spray for her to examine, and also because I get asked a lot of questions about this product almost every time I use it. From school to work, or in a store, I would always get questions about my facial spray.

As she reads the labels, I felt paranoid that she might judge me for buying a product of what seems to be just a mineral water. I mean, why should I buy a product that costs 15 times more than a local brand of mineral water, when I can just wash my face just like everybody does in the bathroom? The answer is because it’s a great product for my skin.


Sometimes, in the middle of a stressful day, my skin would look bad. Stress really shows through my face. My skin would look dehydrated and dull. My go-to remedy to save my “stress face” is to blot my face with an oil control sheet, apply some powder to my T-zone, and spray my whole face with Evian facial spray. Voila! After that, I look like I just applied foundation flawlessly. However, sometimes I would not have the time to go the ladies room and blot, or apply powder, so I just use the spray directly on my face and it works well.  My skin looks refreshed and supple. I feel like this product revives my skin.


I really recommend everyone to try this product. If you think it’s just a waste of money, then I can assure you that it’s not. You have to try it first to know that it really is good for the skin. I have recommended this product to my best friend, and now she can’t live without it. Now, I want you to try this product and see the difference. 


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